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One of the most diffcult questions to answer is "How much will wedding flowers cost?" It isnt the answer most brides want to hear, but the truth is that it varies. I see this as the biggest opportunity! Well, unfortunately, the magazines and Pinterest give us all sorts of perfectly pretty ideas., Oh so divine creations; plumped full of peony and sweet pea…but keep in mind these published lovelies are the best of the best, and come with a price. Peony can run anywhere from $10 to $20 per stem! Yes, I said per stem. While it is not realistic to get peonies in December without paying a pretty penny, we can modify what you want to fit your budget. We can keep the colors and feel of what you want to achieve, but do it in a different way.
With that being said, most planning books suggest that 10% of your budget go towards flowers. Here is a good average range for your wedding flowers.

Bridal Bouquet $150-300
Bridesmaids Bouquets $75-120 each
Corsages $15-35 each
Boutonnieres $12-20 each
Aisle/Alter Flowers $25-250 per piece
Centerpieces $45-85 Lower Mounded $175-300 Taller Elaborate
Cake Flowers $35-150
Toss Bouquet $20-65

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